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Created by: 

Jacob Willis & Kendelle Parks 


Produced by Palous Theatre with support from Common Boots Theatre

Onstage May 8th - 19th

The Theatre Centre Incubator

In a comedic collision of Chekhovian drama and Clown Chaos, INSERT CLOWN HERE follows a troupe of actors in a fully rehearsed, 19th-century melodrama that is upended when the lead actor goes missing and is replaced by a completely unrehearsed Clown. While the Clown attempts to improvise lines and blocking from a script they haven’t read, the remaining cast will try to keep the story on track, resulting in a comedy-of-errors newly created every performance. What could go wrong? Only everything.

The Toronto Fringe sellout hit is back with an all-star lineup of unsuspecting Clowns ensuring no two performances are ever alike!

Filled with “glorious, farcical mischief” (Istvan Dugalin) and “ridiculous fun” (Steel City Girl Reviews), prepare for the unprepared, as you witness performers embrace the actor’s nightmare and laugh at their spectacular failure.


INSERT CLOWN HERE “will leave audience members with their jaws dropped.”
– Beyond James

Advisory Warning: Cartoonish Violence, Smoke/Fog, Improv

Full Crediting Coming Soon.

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Previous Iterations

Photo by Landon Nesbitt featuring Ali Farhadi Kole Durnford Manon Bourgeois Angel Lo.jpeg

Workshop 2022

Presented as part of the Terra Firma Festival at the Theatre Centre in May 2022.

AW0A4573 copy.jpg

Fringe Tour 2023

Presented at the Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary, and Edmonton Fringe Festivals from July - August 2023.

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